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Cotton Candy | Mothercare Pakistan Official Brand Partner

Mothercare is a UK retail brand for children, that produces and creates stock for infants, children, babies, and kids as old as 8 years. It likewise gives maternity answers for ladies with their line clothes and accessories. Ladies can set themselves up for parenthood with the best quality items.

Having decades of experience in providing baby related products. The brand mothercare pakistan has always taken better care of providing quality items to its customers. Whether it’s morning or evening or any special occasion, the brand has always stood for parents when it comes to shop baby stuff. It supports parents in every journey by offering a wide variety of children’s clothing, toys and baby accessories. The products which are produced by mothercare brands with preferences of your cute little ones.

Mothercare Baby Products

If you have a baby at home, you can expect to find all the baby care supplies you need right here on the Cotton Candy - Mothercare online baby shop. We have an extensive range of baby products such as bottle and food warmers, highly portable carriers, and baby wipes for dribbles and spit-ups.

Mothercare Newborn Baby Clothing

You can find mothercare newborn baby clothes in excellent quality like sleep suits which are soft and comfy. There are chances you might make a plan or organize any special event such as family dinner or going out on occasion, or having a baby shower for your newborn baby, you can find the newborn dresses at affordable prices baby vests on Cotton Candy website. Whether it is a girl or boy, we are here to help you choose the best products for your baby.

Online Shopping For New Moms and Dads

Browse now the collection of the Mothercare Online Store in Pakistan exclusively on Cotton Candy. Mothercare brand is not only for moms, but for Dads, grandparents, uncles and aunties as well. The whole family can search for gifts or childcare items for their new arrivals in the family.

We at Cotton Candy aim to offer you the best products for your kids and newborn babies. From nursing accessories, Baby grooming accessories, feeding essentials, activity gear, baby clothes, and much more, we have covered it all here at our store. Try to pay special attention to our mothercare online deals and yearly Mothercare sales.

You can peruse with various helpful filters, explicit to your necessities: Kidswear Brand, Babies and Infants, Bath and Shower, Baby Grooming, Feeding and Nursing, Strollers and Activity Gear, Clothes and Booties, and Diapers and Potty Training. So start shopping online now.

Nursery Items For Newborn Baby

Is it true that you are another parent hoping to make the ideal youngster nursery items for your baby?. Regardless of whether it's your first kid or you are planning for the last one, it is critical to must-have nursery items for ideal consideration of your infant. It is attractive to have a stunning nursery, where you can deal with your infant and let them rest sufficiently, burp your infants or change their diapers, spend fun time with them, peruse them sleepy bedtime stories, and put on something else across the board. Effectively browse whole infant supplies and baby care products that are necessary for every parent to have in a home. We at Cotton Candy mean to offer more with our variety of nursery products and furniture.

Baby Grooming Items Online

Find out wide range grooming products for baby, Cotton Candy covers everything that you will require for your baby. Mothercare’s baby grooming category includes rash powders, talcum powder, bubble bath soaps, baby milk baths, baby lotion, cold water sterilizers, baby wipes, bubble bath soaps, diapers, and more . It is highly recommended to have these baby care items which are toxic-free and crucial to take care for your new babies.